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  1. Free On-Site Consultations

  2. Reef, Marine, & Freshwater Aquarium Service

  3. Trained Maintenance Professionals

  4. Custom Designed Aquariums

  5. Unique AquaScaping of Reefs & Marine Aquaria

  6. We work with many local fish stores & wholesalers

  7. Custom Aquariums – Glass (Starphire), Acrylic, Eurobraced & Rimless Tanks

  8. Nano Aquariums

  9. Custom & Standard Sumps & Filtration systems

  10. High Powered Energy efficient CREE L.E.D. lighting

  11. RODI Systems (Spectapure) & Cartridge Refills

  12. Internal & External Marine Pumps & Pressure Pumps

  13. Skimmers – Precision Marine, Reef Octopus, ETS & ASM

  14. Filtration Media – Carbon – Phosphate Sponge – GFO

  15. Saltwater Chemicals & Trace Elements

See below for sample pricing.



We will come to your home or office and talk with you about the best location, shape, and size to get you the ultimate aquarium for any given setting. We can discuss and help you determine if a freshwater, saltwater, or reef aquarium is best for you. We can also help determine a budget for the custom set-up and give you an estimate of the ongoing maintenance required.



Big or small, we can help you with the choice and setup of your tank. Then, we will facilitate the purchase of everything you will need to bring the beauty of an aquarium to life.



You can schedule regular aquarium maintenance visits with Passionfish to keep your system looking clean and healthy. Beautiful, clean, and healthy aquariums are our maintenance department’s primary goal. Maintenance schedules are:




depending on the size and type of aquarium and the kind of fish.


Call us at 773.573.6071 or click here to email us at Passionfish
to get started on your beautiful aquatic habitat!

Aquarium Services

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Diver in the Monterey Bay Aquarium Kelp Forest.

Click here for some typical aquarium setups and their costs. Each aquarium is unique and prices are only estimates. The folks at Passionfish can help you set up your new aquarium. If you already have one, they can service it, keeping it clean and thriving.